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John Kennedy Plumbing & Building

    Experienced and friendly builders in Melbourne

    Planning an extension?

    Has your family happily expanded so you feel an extension would be a great asset to your home or property? Perhaps your business just keeps on growing but leaving you lacking in space?

    John Kennedy Plumbing and Building Services are all you need to help your property improve. In addition to our plumbing services, we are also specialists in all building maintenance, repairs, extensions, and renovations.

    Maintenance or renovations?

    Our expert team of builders can help you make the most of your home, office or factory, keeping them comfortable and enjoyable to live and work in.

    From minor maintenance, such as window repairs, to big and beautiful property extensions and renovations, our experienced builders can do it all. We also provide tiling, plastering, concreting, and painting. 

    want to add value to your property?

    John Kennedy will help you add property value at a fair and reasonable price. We have the skills and capability of making your domestic or commercial property feel like a completely new place.

    So why not call us today?

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    Our building services include:

    House Extensions

    • Renovations

    • Restorations

    Building Maintenance

    • Repairs

    • Modifications

    Call Melbourne’s most trusted builders on 03 9822 1241 today for all your property building needs!
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